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Bakery and meat

NUTRIPRO is a protein of high nutritional value and an excellent complement in human nutrition as a functional protein in meat products, due to its nutritional and functional properties such as water retention and excellent emulsifying capacity.

Widely used in the Meat Industry (Sausages and Injected). It guarantees the reduction of cooking losses, improves the texture, presentation, and slicing of the sausage. Controls syneresis and improves shelf life. In the Baking Industry as a protein supplement in the production of industrial bread as a replacement for egg white.


Bakery and meat

Frozen Concentrated Bovine Plasma, available in 24% and 26% protein.

 NUTRIFROZEN is widely used in the meat industry as a protein supplement, for example in sausages and cooked products, to replace important levels of meat protein. It represents a nutritional alternative for protein fortification in the development of new products since it provides proteins of high biological value and low caloric intake.

Incorporation levels in the formulation from 5 to 20% of the total mass:

  • It contributes to reducing cooking losses in cooked fine pasta sausages, thanks to its gelling power.
  • Ideal in formulations where it requires stabilizing emulsions.
  • Improves the texture, bite, and slicing of the sausage.
  • High water retention power gives very stable gels, and lengthens the useful life of the sausage, controlling syneresis.

It also has applications in the baking and biscuit industry as a substitute for ovalbumin and gluten. Incorporation levels of 3 to 6%.


Fortifier for the bakery and meat industry

Meat protein with high nutritional value, with excellent functionality by improving the organoleptic characteristics of the food to which it is incorporated, source of heme iron, fortifier, and natural coloring

Its use is recommended in the fortification of foods with hemic iron and in the meat industry as a colorant, emulsifier, or meat substitute, in the baking industry it is being used in the preparation of cookies and brownies.

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